What type of companies can use this software?

LeadTalks users include manufacturers, distributors, advertising agencies, telemarketers, trade show exhibitors, financial and health care service companies, and, ranging in size from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 clients.


How does a sales / marketing team benefit from LeadTalks?

Your sales and marketing personnel frequent tradeshows, exhibitions, and conferences multiple times during the year to promote your products or services. In the booth or out on the floor, LeadTalks helps to capture valuable information with potential clients throughout the conference, using their iOS / Android devices. Your sales people can add multimedia (voice, photos, and video) from the app; for example, capture comments or requirements from your potential customers. The collected data is instantly stored safely to the cloud, where it can be acted on immediately. Instead of having to manually key in lead information during or after the event, LeadTalks has technology that integrates with leading CRM applications, saving countless hours of data entry. Management back at the home office can track the event activities allowing them to plan their next strategic move.


How are Leads, Accounts and Contacts associated in a sales process?

“Lead” refers to the information about an individual or representative of an organization, collected from various lead sources like trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.
“Account” refers to a company or a department within the company with which you plan or have business dealings. Upon lead conversion, the lead’s Company Name will be converted to Account Name.
“Contact” refers to the people in an organization (Account) with whom you communicate in pursuit of a business opportunity. There can be many contacts associated to a single account.


What are the technical requirements for the software?

The LeadTalks mobile application runs on all currently supported iOS & Android devices and the web application is compatible with all standard browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.


How much administration is required by the user?

The administration of LeadTalks has been designed to be as minimal as possible. After the initial setup to enter the pertinent data for an account has been completed, there is minimal on-going maintenance required. We have built an intuitive interface to upload attendee / contact information into the system and it can be easily retrieved or modified.


How do I obtain access to LeadTalks?

LeadTalks is licensed by organizations and the mobile app is free to download. Please click on the subscription page to get started with your free trial.


How to assign leads to CRM accounts?

Individual leads can be assigned to different user (CRM accounts) by following steps.
• Choose the record (lead) that you want to assign
• Tap the “Assign To” option in “Lead Details” window
• Select the assignee from the dropdown to assign the lead to them.


How do I contact LeadTalks to learn more?

You can contact LeadTalks through phone 678-666-0148 or send an email to support@leadtalks.com

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