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Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Have a productive sales day even when you are away from your desk. Schedule your day by having a complete view of leads…

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Daily Planner

Log your Meetings

Stop checking for open dates on the calendar and sales details on your CRM. Schedule your meetings and manage your calendar…

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Daily Planner

Voice to Text

Events can get hectic and in the swirl of activity it can be difficult to capture all the data you receive. Crucial information…

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Daily Planner

Capture Video Testimonials

What better way is there to share an enthusiastic client praise for your business than a video? Written testimonials are great…

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Daily Planner

Easy Lead Allocation

In business, leads are required to grow your business. Using prompt, focused communication can shorten the time it takes…

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Daily Planner

Track your Sales Progress

Every sales activity should be done with the ultimate goal of converting a prospect into a customer. The Sales Activity report…

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Daily Planner


Having a prospect-rich pipeline is crucial to the long-term health of any sales team. Prospects flow through the pipeline at different rates…

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Daily Planner

Sales Dashboard

Utilizing the LeadTalks CRM Reporting tool features, you can minimize the time required and maximize meetings with your sales…

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