Lead Curation

High quality leads helps to reduce the sales cycle, increase team productivity, and reduced cost-of-sale. Your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social campaigns generate a constant stream of potential leads, which creates the need for lead validation to insure that they fit your customer profile. Investment in Lead Curation improves the quality of your marketing campaign. LeadTalks customers have seen reduction of bounces, unsubscribes, spam report and significant increase of CRT (Click through Rate)

Lead Curation is a process where your incoming / existing contact lists are filtered by critical factors such as data verification, profile validation and lead activity scoring. Lead Curation helps you to focus on important sales activities of prospecting rather than spending energies on mundane, repetitive follow up processes or dead ends. The LeadTalks team can help you define, design and execute your Lead Curation strategies for greater productivity in a shorter time-frame.

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