Lead Management

Customer acquisition is a complex process and depends on various internal / external factors throughout the sales cycle. There is no guarantee of a “Sure Sale” until you have the Purchase Order (PO) in hand or the product delivered. Organizations have to carefully review every aspect of a potential deal in the pipeline and take steps to manage it throughout the life cycle (Qualification, Prospecting, Customer Evaluation and Decision Support)

During the Lead Management process, it is very important to nurture your leads and maintain purposeful discussions or follow ups with the prospects. Repeat messages and emails without context can turn off your prospect and make them look at your competition. Lead Conversion is a critical KPI that every sales department looks at and we help you to improve it. We assist you to build the framework using LeadTalks platform through which you can realize this vision. We support your internal sales team or channel managers to ensure that the process aligns with your short term and long term business goals.

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