Top Features to look for in a Lead Management Software

Generating revenue is a long-term process, and acquiring qualified leads is the foremost step. One needs to start right for great results! Lead management software works as a central repository for all the data regarding prospects, pipeline revenue tracking and related activities. And by keeping a track of your leads in an efficient manner, your business gains a lot towards achieving goals.

So the question is, What are the top features that a great lead management software should have?

Honestly, whatever lead management software, application or tool you’re using, the key functionality should be of providing value and improving your business prospects. Following are the key features that a sales lead management solution should have. Read on…

Key Features

  • Accurate Contact Information

An ideal lead management software should have a coherent contact management system in place where prospect data is organized in a centralized location. Various customer data like correct name, contact number, demographic information, details of the interaction, corresponding documents, etc. should be saved and retrieved here.  LeadTalks provides additional features like recording audio clips, video messages about the conversations which can be transcribed to text files. This way, the data from the initial meetings stay intact! Moreover, the visiting card scanning feature will allow you to feed data with a single click. LeadTalks allows sales personnel to keep lead details private or shared.  This way, the information you store stays private until you decide to share it with the management.

  • Lead Assignment & Scoring

Assigning leads, based on their proximity is yet another important task for organizations. The lead management system that you use should have the ability to segment/categorize a lead, and also allow the salesperson to score the contacted prospect based on their sales closure approximation. LeadTalks utilizes a heuristic approach to rank leads and creates a lead score based which saves time for the sales personnel and helps them to improve closure rate.

  • Sales Dashboard

Your sales lead tracker should have a clear and result-oriented sales dashboard. It should allow you to add, assign and track significant items and include them in your business pipeline. It should come with scheduling and reminders so that the sales team never miss out on a meeting!

  • Lead Reports & Tracking

It is important to track the details about what constitutes sales funnel. Your sales manager should have control over the sales pipeline and the ability to review the quality of the list. This is very critical for giving revenue projections to the management and Lead Management solution plays a vital role. It should automatically generate various reports that pipeline quality metrics like lead aging, estimated closure date changes, and idle leads count. This helps to review activity,  resources utilization, and analyze productivity.

Bottom Line

To present this in a nutshell, get a better understanding of your business process, identify your requirements, and then head out in search of an ideal lead management software! Keep the aforementioned key features in mind for great results!