Mobile CRM – A Smart Way to Manage Your Sales

Mobile CRM is emerging, and the only way to conduct more precise and handy sales transactions is to have one for your business! We’ve seen a sharp shift of paperwork to digital work over these few decades.

Businesses are going online and managing their scope of works in a more systematic, crisp, and essential way. This shift soon turned handier with the introduction of the smartphone generation! There’s always an App for everything you need and a CRM Mobile App is sure one vital innovation out there.

What is Mobile CRM?

A Mobile CRM App delivers a full or part CRM experience on your smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled tools. It works as a central repository for the sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage necessary information in real-time, no matter where they are. You can carry the CRM Mobile as your companion and update real-time client interactions and sales funnel status within minutes.

Mobile CRM solutions are designed to provide the ease of access to the customer database to the sales team and managers. A mobile CRM software lets users access important business data no matter where they are. In a sense, it allows them to run their business on the go.

Why Mobile CRM is Important for Businesses?

The sales cycle can be longer (sometimes) and it is very important to capture details when the sales team is out converting the prospect. The personnel needs to update various details or want to look up to specific data about an opportunity quickly. And, when your team is not connected to a CRM Mobile App, some essential information may be missed in transit.  

Having a dynamic Mobile CRM Solution like LeadTalks handy, your employees can track opportunities throughout the sales process from creation to closure. You can add, assign, and track significant items and include them in your sale pipeline with a few clicks. LeadTalks also provides cool features like recording audio clips, video messages about the conversations which get transcribed to text files with IBM Watson integration. This way, the data from the initial meetings stay intact and searchable for important decisions during the proposal stage!

What Are The Benefits of a Well-organized Mobile CRM App?

The breakthrough advantage of a Mobile CRM is being able to run your business from your phone! Apart from this, when the sales team is out in the field, this tool enables them to:

  • Access and update contacts, leads, and opportunities
  • Rank leads and creates a lead score dashboard
  • Add, assign, and track sales pipeline details
  • Scheduling and reminders for the follow-ups
  • Quickly look for upcoming appointments and prepare well
  • Capture context-sensitive information from client meetings
  • Access to up-to-date data on any sales opportunity
  • Obtain client testimonials/feedback using the app

Over To You

When you’re looking for result-oriented Mobile CRM Solution for your business, there are certain points to keep in mind. Read our guide of Best Possible Ways to Use CRM for Your Business to know more about how it helps in bettering your productivity. Meanwhile, get in touch to take a demo of LeadTalks and decide which Mobile CRM can help you grow the most!