6 Things To Prepare Before You Go To A Tradeshow

If you are in marketing/sales, you would have seen many tradeshows. Right from attending different seminars, visiting different booths, participating in events and conferences is an experience in itself. Most people struggle with finding a balance between joining sessions and finding opportunities to network with attendees. To get the best of both worlds, we have compiled this list for you to consider.

1. Set an objective

One of the primary requirements for attending a tradeshow is to have a clear plan. Preparations for trade shows begin weeks (if not months) before the actual event. Chart out the list of objectives as soon as you have the time between registration to the event date to chart out the objectives of your visit. Increasing brand awareness, revenue, launch a new product, finding new leads, learn something to teach forward to your team, etc. Whatever your objective may be, having one will help you from side-tracking.

2. Make your booking way ahead

While this may sound vague, by booking your accommodations and booths as early as possible. Not will you shave off on spending extra company money on early bird offers, you get the flexibility of choice.

3. Have a Lead Management Tool like LeadTalks

A trade show is a prime place to meet new people and communication needs to be instantaneous. Owing to the short burst of time, you cannot rely on a notepad and pen to get their contact information. Moreover, waiting for the trade show to end before you upload them into your CRM means a missed opportunity. Having a lead management tool like LeadTalks can reduce your efforts significantly with features such as schedule & track appointments, scan business cards, manage and categorize leads, transcribes voice notes, capture pictures or videos.

4. Shout on social media

Build hype around the event by posting on social media. This acts as fodder for your followers as well as gains you visibility. Start a conversation to engage with fellow attendees much before you meet them and utilize this opportunity to break the ice. Also, social listening is a great way to identify who all are attending.

5. Stock up on your branded giveaways

Everyone loves to grab freebies while attending trade shows and this increases visibility. You can avoid novelty items to restrict your spending budget & give common items such as branded shirts, promotional portfolios, pens, notepads, and conference bags. Also, stock up on business cards. Better be prepared than be embarrassed in front of your potential lead.

6. Chalk up appointments with potential leads

Most trade show organizers tend to share their list of attendees. Study it to identify potential leads. Schedule meetings with them and let LeadTalks track it and transcribe your conversations with them. Get a map of the show floor to plan out where each vendor you want to see is setting up their booth.

Wrap Up

Being engaging in a trade show is more important than being present. Having a pre-requisite before you participate in a trade-in helps you pre-plan. This is the dividing line between a smooth, efficient and productive experience and an incomplete trade show attendance.